shaoni dutta
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Suri, 21 July
What is most surprising in Birbhum district is that despite the adverse publicity the Trinamul Congress has got because of unseemly remarks by its MLA, Anubrata Mondal, the ruling party is not going to suffer much in tomorrow’s rural poll.
This is because a sizable number of the people in the rural areas endorse the strong-arm tactics that Mr Mondal has adopted either by instigating party activists to set fire to the houses of opponents or hurling bombs at police officers attempting to intervene.
The only worry for the Trinamul is factionalism and the undeclared war between Mr Mondal and party MP, Mrs Satabdi Roy.
Plus, in several areas, the Trinamul is fighting against the Trinamul and the district administration is on its toes to ensure that the feuds don’t go out of control during polling tomorrow.
The Left Front and the Congress are expected to be at the receiving end, though this district was once a Red bastion.
Over 20, 35,000 voters will exercise their franchise in 2,671booths. Already, 631 gram panchayat seats of a total of 2,247 have been won uncontested against 123 of 465 panchayat samiti seats and eight of  42 zilla parishad seats. As a result, no polling will be held in the three Labpur blocks.
Apart from Labpur, in a large section of Bolpur, Nanoor, Illumbajar and Suri-II block, Left Front candidates could not file nominations. In those places TMC candidates are fighting against TMC-supported independent candidates.
Earlier, out of the 35 zilla parishad seats, the CPI-M won 24. the Left Front got 26 seats, the Congress 7 seats, and the TMC  and BJP one seat each. The Left Front got 255 seats out of 425 seats and the Congress 98, and the TMC 50 seats. More than 50 per cent of the seats of the gram panchayat  were held by the Left. Of the 1,904 seats, the Congress got 410 while the TMC got only 233.
District police have identified 1,049 booths as highly sensitive and only 424 booths as normal. Already, cases of violence have occurred in Kasba, Sian-Muluk panchayats of Bolpur police station and Loba panchayat of Dubrajpur police station.
This year the Krishi Jomi Raksha committee has filed nominations in all the seats of Loba panchayat as independent candidates. The TMC allegedly beat up their candidates few days ago.