Says CPM, Cong, BJP slandering state govt
statesman news service

Kolkata, 5 January 
The orchestrated campaign by CPI-M, Congress and BJP on the Madhyamgram gang rape and death case is part of a conspiracy to malign the Trinamul Congress government and blacken its development programme, said Mr Mukul Roy, Trinamul Congress all India general secretary.
"We have been watching since the panchayat polls. Whenever there is an election, these three parties gang up and start a slander campaign,” alleged Mr Roy.
Meanwhile, Trinamul Yuva, TMC’s youth wing, led by its president Mr Abhishek Banerjee organised a rally from Golpark to Hazra to condemn this slanderous campaign by the three political parties.
Mr Partha Chatterjee, Trinamul’s secretary general, said Yuva was the first among the party’s all other frontal organs to organise a rally. "From tomorrow, we will organise block-level meetings, rallies, street corner meetings in each ward to condemn these slanderous campaign,” Mr Chatterjee said. 
Saying the Madhyamgram incident was "most unfortunate and deplorable” Mr Roy said CPI-M, Congress and BJP are making concerted efforts to belittle the state’s image before the outside world.
Referring to the recent death of a gang rape victim of Madhyamgram, Mr Roy said police had arrested all those named in the FIR and filed charge-sheet within 54 days. The case will come up for hearing in the fast-track court. He said: “We are with the victim’s family.” 
He also stated the state government is ready to offer all support to the girl’s family.
Mr Roy said the prime accused is a CPI-M activist. "We have nothing to hide or save any one. Rather, Trinamul looks at these unfortunate incidents with a human face,”Mr Roy said.
He alleged that there was a “diabolic attempt” by the CPI-M to propagate a disinformation campaign against the state and to create unrest.
For preventing such heinous crimes, he said there was a need to create social awareness among people. “We have seen the role played by the CPI-M in the Tapasi Malik case of Singur,and other rape cases in  Bantala, Birati, Khejuri Dhantala and Ghokshadanga,” Mr Roy said.
“The Left Front had made sincere efforts to bury the issues, but the Trinamul will never do that,” he said.
Asked about the visit of Bihar police officer to the residence of Madhyamgram gang rape victim, Mr Roy said: “If someone wants to do politics, then it is a different issue. But this is not good for the federal structure."
Meanwhile, Rashtriya Bihari Samaj (RBS) today staged a protest against the brutal rape and alleged murder of the 16-year-old girl and urged Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to come out and condemn the heinous crime openly.
The members of the RBS demanded capital punishment for the accused. They asked for an impartial investigation into the case. "Security of the Biharis, Punjabis, Marwari and others living in the state is the responsibility of the state government. Kolkata Police asked the father of the victim to pack his bags and go back to Bihar after the incident. Such divisive attitude of police is detrimental for the society," said Mr Raj Bahadur Singh, working president of RBS.
Refuting the charge, Mr Roy said: “Each person, whether he or she is a Bihari, south Indian and anything else, is living peacefully in our state.’
"During the past two-and-a-half-years, peace and democracy have has returned to the state after the misrule which was ushered in by the former Left Front government,” Mr Roy said.
“At a time when the state is marching ahead under the leadership of Miss Banerjee and becoming a model for other states, the three parties ~ CPI-M, Congress and BJP ~ are acting in unison to denigrate the image of the state,” Mr Roy said.
Meanwhile, Left Front chairman Biman Bose today said given the long list of incidents of molestation and rape in the state in the previous year, the Trinamul Congress state government should bring out a calendar of misdeeds rather than an administrative calendar. Had action been taken against all the accused of the Park Street gang rape case, these incidents could perhaps been prevented, he said.
The way the family of the Madhyamgram rape victim was reportedly asked to leave the state by police, it violated one of the principles of federal policy, he said. The state is part of the nation and anyone is free to live in any part of the country, Mr Bose said. 
“The incidents of crimes against women prove the hollowness of the claim of the city police’s hoardings proclaiming it is with the people,” Mr Bose said. 
A Trinamul legislator has made matters worse by saying some of these incidents have been triggered by girls wearing short skirts, Mr Bose said.
It is unfortunate that the state government has not regretted the incident, he said. Instead it has hurled accusations of politicising the incident at the Opposition though actually it itself has done so, he said.