Serampore, 7 February
Police today recovered the collection box meant for donation that was stolen from the 4th  century Jagannath Temple at Mahesh , Serampore, on 22 January.
Gopal Bhanu, the caretaker of the temple, who usually opens the gate daily every early morning for Panchanan Chakroborthy, the principal priest, to get inside and perform the day&’s first religious rituals, was taken aback after finding the doors open.
He raised an alarm when he found the deities of Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra shorn of all the  golden and silver ornaments.   It was further found that some costly brass utensils and the collection box were missing as well. 
The devotees blamed the temple’s trustee board for not taking adequate safety measures even in the wake of the number of burglaries occurring in Hooghly district.
Locals residing near the temple found the wooden collection box  floating in a nearby pond. Serampore Police who soon reached the spot fished it out. 
Police suspect that the box had been thrown away into the pond recently as it was found without any sign of  decay.