statesman news service
KOLKATA, 27 JUNE: Government school teachers will appeal to the chief minister as well as the education minister protesting the arrest of the headmaster of Bankura zilla school. 
The association of state government school teachers has already written to the chief secretary and the education secretary alleging proper procedure was not followed while arresting the Bankura zilla school headmaster.
“Since he is a government employee, the education secretary should have been informed beforehand. There was no proper arrest warrant. The headmaster was arrested when he went to the police station for some other reasons.
In the absence of a headmaster everything is going haywire
in the school and the School Education Department is in
the dark regarding the issue,” said Mr Dipen Ghosh, general secretary of the association. 
Allegations of admitting more students than what
is permitted in a state government school were raised against the Bankura zilla school headmaster. Charges of misappropriation of mid-day meal funds were also made against him.
“We will not support the headmaster if he was
really involved in those alleged activities. But there
should have been a proper inquiry. But since his arrest
last month, there has been no such progress,” said Mr Ghosh. 
The association claimed a headmaster cannot take decisions without the support of the managing committee. Hence, the role of the managing committee needs to be probed.