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KOLKATA, 21 JUNE: The Presidency Alumni Association, along with Presidency University, will install a marble bust of Swami Vivekananda at a function on 23 June.
The bust will be unveiled by Swami Prabhanandaji, vice-president of Ramakrishna Math and Mission and an alumnus of the university. Swami Atmasthanandaji, president of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, who is also an alumnus of the university, will be unable to attend because of his ill health.
Swami Vivekananda was an alumnus of the college and had enrolled himself in the Philosophy department in 1880-81. He studied for a year before he fell sick and could not continue his studies at the then Presidency College. He later joined General Assembly’s Association, now Scottish Church College, and became a graduate of Calcutta University. As a student of Presidency College, Narendranath (Swamiji’s household name) used to go to Bramho Samaj frequently. 
Swamiji’s marble bust will be installed in front of the Vice-Chancellor’s room housed in the main building of the university. The Philosophy department where Swamiji studied is situated on the second floor of the main building. There are busts of Professor P K Roy and renowned scholar in English Professor P C Ghosh. 
After the unveiling of the bust Professor Sugata Marjit will perform Hindusthani vocal classical music at a function. Swamiji was a trained Hindusthani vocal classical singer and had received training from Benimadhan Sarbadhikari, popularly known as Beni ustad, who was the music composer of the famous drama Chaitanyalila.