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KURSEONG, 18 JUNE: Dissatisfied over their internal results, the students of Darjeeling Polytechnic Institute, Kurseong protested and demonstrated in front of the institute for the second consecutive day.
The DPI, GJMM affiliated Students Union, general secretary and 3rd year CST student Mr Devendra Limbu alleged that two teachers of the institute have been victimising the students for the past several years by not giving proper marks in their internal examination results.
He said: “Yesterday our internal results were published and put on the institute notice board.
It was shocking to find that more than 70 per cent of the Civil Engineering and Computer Science students had failed. Our internal examination papers consist of 25 marks and almost all students scored either zeros or ones which is insulting.”
He also claimed that this is not the first time that such marks have been given by the two teachers Mr Naresh Kumar Pradhan and Mr Dhurba Jung Tiwari but they have been creating such nuisance against the students for the past several years.
“Hence, we demand immediate transfer of these two teachers. The internal examination should also be re-scheduled and checked by other teachers than these two. Tomorrow, too, we will demonstrate in front of the institute over our demands,” he added.  A 3rd year Civil Engineering student, Ms Suchismita Das, said that five marks are automatically given for attendance out of 25 in the internal examination and to get zero, students have to put in their best effort.
These two teachers have victimised the students knowingly and we never received any proper response from them for our problems.
On the other hand, when asked, the DPI Principal Dr Asit Kumar Manna, said: “The two teachers have given less marks to the students in their internal examinations.
When the marks were finally announced the students in a fit of rage gheroaed me till 10 p.m.”
He said: “Although the institute is open, the students did not attend classes and have been sloganeering their demands in the institution. Since almost all students have scored only zero, one, two and three, question also arises on the quality of the teachers.”
He said: “Mr Manna said that I have received a memorandum from the students regarding their demand and have forwarded it to the higher authorities of the Department of Technical Education & Training.”
When asked about the demand of re-examination, Mr Manna informed that this decision will be taken by the Controller of Examination, Kolkata. He also said: “I have talked with the students about their demands and have in the same vein also asked them to withdraw their agitation and start classes regularly as soon as possible.”
“Meanwhile, we are looking into the matter of their demands seriously,” he added.
The two teachers could not be contacted for comments.