After it was observed that some doctors are refusing to attend to patients and are keeping their chambers closed, the IMA Serampore branch president, Dr. Pradeep Das, have urged the doctors to attend their chambers and clinics regularly, as per specified guidelines.

Ever since the imposition of the lockdown, a section of doctors, fearing that they will get infected with Covid-19, stopped attending their chambers and clinics.

Thereafter, hundreds of patients suffering from various ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure, renal failure acute and chronic dysentery, and people with flu-like symptoms, found most of the chambers and clinics closed.

Many patients needing surgery, are also having a tough time and without access to timely medical care, their health conditions are deteriorating. Rita Das Mazumdar (65) needs urgent surgery to remove her very gall stone which may get perforated if not removed in time.

Sikha Das, a cancer patient, has missed number of dates for her ongoing chemotherapy while Abhijit Ghosh, suffering from chronic kidney disease, has also missed the twice-weekly dialysis. Sailen Parvat, the president of All Bengal Citizens Forum, in his appeal, has also urged the doctors to attend their chambers regularly and save the lives of many who are suffering from diseases other then Covid-19.

Dr. Pradeep Das said, “I have already urged the doctors to render health services at their private clinics. The IMA Serampore advised doctors to stay well protected while treating the patients at their chambers. The patients at the chamber must maintain proper distance among themselves and must put on masks, and sanitise their hands. A record of the patients’ details should be maintained so that the doctors can advise them to attend fever clinics at the state run hospitals, if necessary.”

Dr. Das further added, “it has come to our knowledge that many poly-clinic nursing homes have pulled down their shutters at a time when people need medical attention most. I urge the state health department to identify such poly clinics and nursing homes.”