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Solar power for schools in remote parts


The chief minister has instructed environment minister Dr Sudarshan Ghosh Dastidar to install solar power in 300 schools situated in remote areas. While placing the budget for his department, Dr Ghosh Dastidar said that they have already set up solar power electrification in 100 schools located in remote districts. The plan was executed by West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Authority (WBREDA).

This year a total of Rs 56,89,67,000 crore was allotted to the environment department and the state government has also completed electrification of 780 km line on Sagar island too.

According to Dr Ghosh Dastidar, they have erected around 30,500 poles for electrification on Sagar island and plans are there to erect 11,000 more poles by the end of this year. The Opposition however criticised the budget and claimed that the state government has failed to utilize the previous funds while they have increased the budget for 2015-16. Dr Ghosh Dastidar also said that they have instructed all the private hospitals in the state to set up liquid affluent treatment plants for segregating the liquid and solid waste. He further stated that the Centre has praised the state government for its effort to increase the Standardised Effective Precipitation Index (SEPI) in the industrial belt of Haldia, Asansol and Howrah.

On the other hand, the Opposition claimed that the Pollution Control Board has been transformed into a non-effective body. Replying to this,Dr Ghosh Dastidar said that the Centre for Science and Environment has judged WBPCB as the best pollution control board. The Tonglu village of Darjeeling has been declared as a biodiversity heritage site, he noted.