Councillors of Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) belonging to the Trinamool Congress gheraoed mayor Asok Bhattacharya at his office on Saturday with the agenda to protest against suspension of drinking water supply in all 47 wards of the city for two days.

Notably, the construction of Asian Highway Project II has led to shifting of the main pipe lines from the water treatment plant, which has resulted in the suspension.

Siliguri residents who did not have sufficient stock of drinking water, faced acute problems and had to buy water from the markets on 8 and 9 September. SMC started supplying drinking water from Saturday morning.

Councillor Nantu Paul claimed that the mayor should have informed all councillors about the decision to suspend the supply of drinking water. He alleged that the Left-led SMC suspended water supply without a notification through newspapers and other media.

The mayor brushed aside the allegations and claimed that the SMC had stored water in reservoirs and supplied water after a notification through newspapers.

The incident is nothing new. In other corporation areas including Howrah, water supply was suspended for two-three days, Bhattacharya claimed.