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BARRACKPORE, 28 JUNE: Mr Manik Sarkar, chief minister of Tripura, today attacked the Mamata Banerjee government in Bengal for its "mismanagement" that has led to the unprecedented situation where the Supreme Court’s intervention became necessary before the panchayat elections could be held.
Mr Manik Sarkar, a senior CPI-M leader, today addressed rallies at Shyamnagar and Kadambagchi in Barasat to canvass votes for the Left Front candidates in the forthcoming panchayat elections.
Speaking in the presence of Forward Bloc leader Haripada Biswas and the former CPI-M MP of Barrackpore, Mr Tarit Baran Topdar, Mr Sarkar noted that after a long tussle between the government and the State Election Commission, the Supreme Court finally had to issue a directive that the election should be held in five phases next month.
"We have never seen and heard about this kind of mismanagement in government which compelled them to seek the help of the Supreme Court. This is the first time instance in India after Independence," he said.
He urged the public to exercise their democratic rights and vote in the election.
"The Trinamul Congress has become afraid of the common people and are trying to confine them in their homes. They did not in fact want any election."
This time the election will not only be a fight between some political parties; this time the election will highlight the democratic rights of common people, he said.