Raiganj, 5 December
Meeting the long-standing demand of the people of North Dinajpur, super-fast Howrah-bound Satabdi Express has halted for the first time at Barsoi station in Bihar, close to Raiganj, this morning.
The train stopped at around 7.30 a.m. for two minutes. The train originates from New Jalpaiguri. On its return journey (UP), the train would stop at Barsoi station at 8.20 p.m.
In a move to hog the
credit for it, some Congress
leaders assembled at Barsoi
station to welcome the stoppage, ascribing it to the tireless efforts of the party MP from Raiganj and the Union minister, Mrs Deepa Dasmunshi. 
Not content with that, the Congress activists made the stoppage-announcement over loudhailers at several places across the district, apparently to make the
people aware of the development.
They thanked Mrs Dasmunshi for meeting the long-ignored demand of the people from the district.  
North Dinajpur Congress committee president, Mr Mohit Sengupta said Mrs Dasmunshi had tried hard and consistently too
to convince railway
authorities of the
imperative of the stoppage in the interests of the
“We are happy that the people would now reach Kolkata and from Kolkata to Raiganj in time shorter than that was previously taken,” he added. 
Mrs Dasmunshi said the halt would benefit the people from Kaliaganj, Hemtabad and Raiganj. “I am happy as the people here are happy,” she said. 
Before this, stoppages
of Kanchanjangha Express and Guwahati-Jodhpur Express were provided
for Aluabari Road station in Islampur and Dalkhola
station respectively ~ again thanks to the Union
minister&’s efforts as
claimed by the Congress leaders.
“Besides, she has proved instrumental in adding an AC compartment to Kolkata-Radhikapur Express, bonding the people in warmth of gratitude,” said a senior Congress leader from the