BJP today said that the Trinamul Congress (TMC) moved to bring resolution in the state Assembly against CAA will be an exercise in futility as well states are bound to follow a piece of legislature once it was passed in the Parliament.

“We have seen many such dramas before many resolutions have passed without any results same state is awaiting this resolution also,” he said. Ridiculing the support extended by Congress and Left Front to the TMC resolution, Ghosh said Left Front and Congress first need to decide issues on which they can work with the TMC and those they want to fight against the TMC.

“Chief minister Mamata Banerjee also wanted to become a leader of the country few months ago. But every political party promise to support her ultimately left her companion. Same thing will happen on the CAA issue,” he said. State saffron party’s president said that Banerjee must follow CAA in the state as it was passed in the Parliament. “Even lawyer Kapil Sibal said that states have to follow this piece of legislature once it was passed in the Parliament,” he said.

State parliamentary affairs minister Partha Chatterjee yesterday said the TMC had submitted a resolution under rule 169 to the Assembly Speaker on 20 January, which will come up in the house on coming Monday. Faced by a lot of “rumours and canards” from the fellow opposition parties over its position regarding CAA and NPR, Chatterjee said they “do not need lessons from others on how to continue its fight against CAA-NPR-NRC.”

“We have submitted a resolution to the Speaker on Janauary 20 regarding it. The resolution against CAA will be placed in the state assembly on 27 January. Our government in principle is opposed to CAA,” Mr Chatterjee said. The Left Front and the Congress have been criticising the TMC for not adopting a resolution against the CAA. The state Assembly has earlier passed an all party resolution, baring BJP, against NRC in September last year.