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DHANIAKHALI, 14 JUNE: The residents of Puinan village in Dadpur gram panchayat, Dhaniakhali have threatened to boycott the panchayat elections in protest against non-implementation of rural road development project.
A 6.7-km stretch from Puinan village bus stand to Haur is in a pitiable condition since long. More than 25,000 residents of 16 villages in Dadpur gram panchayat frequent the stretch.
On both sides of the road lie educational institutions, hospitals, banks, post office, market and other civic amenities.
The road, full of gaping potholes and craters, is a threat to passing vehicles and accidents are a regular feature here.
Villagers said Rs 2 crore was sanctioned in 2006 under the Prime Minister’s rural road development project, which was later increased to Rs 3 crore to meet the road repair and development cost.
 They said the erstwhile government did not take any concrete step for the renovation of the road.
With the change in government the villagers approached Ashima Patra, the MLA of Dhaniakhali, who promised all help to renovate the entire stretch but till today no positive steps have been taken.
Sima constructions of Dankuni had asked for Rs 60 lakh more to initiate the road repair work order but for non-payment of the amount by the present TMC representative the work is held up. Pleas and appeals to the higher  authorities have fallen on deaf ears.
As a last resort Dadpur residents have decided to boycott the panchayat polls   in the Dadpur gram panchayat area.
Mr Tapas Das and Mr Naba Gopal Seth, two residents, said: "We’re determined to boycott the panchayat elections if our long-standing demand for a better road is not met immediately."
Ashima Patra, the Dhaniakhali legislator, said she was not aware of the move to boycott
the polls.