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KOLKATA, 18 JUNE: Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small digital devices connected to the Internet, say experts. Devices like laptops and high-end mobile phones that are connected to the Internet would face up to 1 million security threats in 2013 compared to 3,50,000 last year. Cyber criminals are also likely to target cloud services, say IT experts.
Internet users access the world wide web from multiple platforms and devices now; this makes ensuring security a difficult task and helps cyber criminals access confidential data, said an expert. 
He mentioned that India leads the list of top 10 countries at risk of privacy exposure. Social media platforms constitute another area of growing concern, said Mr Mahendra Negi, chief operational officer of Trend Micro. He said attacks will become harder to detect as attackers are adopting professional software development practices. “There may be instances when may not even realise that the system has been hacked as professional hackers do not leave any sign of hacking,” he said.