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Kolkata, 4 September
With an eye on the Parliamentary elections, the state Congress will set up a communication cell to woo the young generation of voters through various social network systems.
Mr Amitava Chakroborty, who heads the state communication cell of the PCC, said: “On 7 September, the communication cell will train 50 Congressmen, at EZCC, from each of the 17 districts, on social netwoking systems.”
A party insider said that the Congress High Command has sent instructions to all the Pradesh Congress Committees to make its members well conversant with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking
It is widely expected that the campaign in the Lok Sabha poll in 2014 will be more dependant on social networking systems than earlier elections, and so the PCC has set a communication cell to monitor the different posts posted by the chief minister and other leaders of the Trinamul Congress, as well as those from other political
Mr Chakroborty said that Mr Ajay Makhen, MP and AICC general secretary, and Ms Priya Dutt will be present on 7 September.
He said the PCC has chosen only some leaders who can speak on behalf of the party in different television channels or newspapers and it is expected that whatever they would say will reflect the party’s policies.
Mr Chakroborty also said once the Congress activists are trained in social networking systems, they could challenge the state government’s claim on development, though the real fund for development comes from the Centre.