In a bid to reconstruct the circumstances of the suicide of Aurobindo De in his Robinson Street house, police are trying to put together an idea of his activities of the last two days before conducting a second round of questioning of his son Partho in Pavlov Mental Hospital. 

Partho, who had kept his sister Debjani’s skeleton in their house for six months, has been questioned earlier on 17 June in the hospital, during which occasion he had broken down in front of nuns from Mother House. 

A police officer said that questioning Partho is important for them to reconstruct the circumstances of his father’s suicide that took place on the night of 10 June.

There are certain aspects which are still unknown to the police, but which are essential to know for a proper reconstruction. "As Partho was the only person who had been with his father during the period before the latter committed suicide, only he can give answers to the questions. We want to ask him what his father did a few hours before committing suicide. Though circumstantial evidence has revealed many things, we want to know from Partho what his activities were on that day," the officer said. 

Police would also ask whether he had found anything suspicious in his father’s behaviour. Police have come to know that his father wrote the suicide note on 8 June and committed suicide two days later. They intend to ask Partho whether his father went out of the house to meet anyone between 8 and 10 June. The mattress and bed sheet on which Debjani&’s skeleton was kept for six months will be sent to the state forensic laboratory in Kalyani tomorrow.