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Rampurhat, 8July
A school student died and 37 others of Baro Hajaripur village  fell ill  after drinking water from a village pond. 
Two tube-wells which are the chief source of drinking water in the village are defunct thereby leaving villagers  with little choice but to depend on water from the pond to quench their thirst.
District health department has asked administration to repair the tube-wells.
A medical camp has been set up in the village from this morning.
On  Saturday  many villagers of Baro Hajaripur under Rampurhat-1 block were  admitted to hospital  after they complained of  acute stomach ache coupled with headache and  nausea. 
Naveen Let (14) a class-VI student was also admitted to Rampurhat sub-divitional hospital.
He was referred to Burdwan Medical College and Hospital from where he was referred to Kolkata. But he died last night before reaching Kolkata.
“We have noticed that villagers are using pond water for their day-to-day work as well as drinking. There were four tube-wells previously. At present two are defunct,”said Dr Prasenjit Majumder, ACMOH, Rampurhat
“The villagers are forced to drink pond water,” Dr Majumder added .
  According to official reports 37 people are suffering from acute diarrhoea.   The medical team has been treating the villagers.
The ACMOH leading the medical team has also asked the block authorities to  repair the tube-wells.
“We have already cleaned two tube-wells. Other one will be repaired within tomorrow. The other one needs replaced,” said Moloy Ghosh, joint-BDO Rampurhat-I block, present in-charge of the block.