Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who met Union home minister Amit Shah in Delhi on Thursday, said National Register of Citizens (NRC) would not be implemented in West Bengal.

“There is no question of implementing NRC in Bengal. We would not allow it in our state. Infact I’m doubtful whether NRC can be done in the country or not,” Banerjee told in Nabanna.

Urging people not to pay heed to BJP’s propaganda on the issue, Banerjee said: “Those (read BJP) who are threatening people in the name of NRC are doing so to spread fear. They are using NRC as a political weapon. Don’t pay heed to them. Have faith in us. “BJP may use NRC as publicity measure and a political weapon. But there will not be any NRC here. Nobody will have to leave Bengal due to NRC”.

She said that NRC comes only under Assam Accord but it is not applicable for the whole country. Assuring that people who are included in the voter’s list will continue to be residents of Bengal, Banerjee urged people to ensure that their names are included in the list.

“The new voters have to include their names. There is nothing more to do,”she said adding that if people possess any of the required documents namely ration card or driving license then their names can be included.

Amidst widespread speculation over Banerjee’s visit to Delhi and her meeting with Shah, Banerjee said that the only reason behind her visit was to speak about NRC. “I myself went there since the issue is under the Union home ministry,” she added.

Moreover, as the state government’s nod is necessary to undertake NRC, Miss Banerjee said that there was nothing to worry as they led the government.

“When we are saying there is nothing to worry then do not be anxious,” she said.

She urged a section of the BJP leaders against using abusive language and frightening people.

“A few BJP leaders use abusive language and do negative publicity and thereby spread fear. One should keep away from such practices,” she added.

Banerjee said the ongoing drive to digitise ration cards has nothing to do with the NRC but a move to get some corrections done.

The chief minister also announced compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the families of two persons who died in separate incidents recently in connection with the digitisation of ration cards and apprehension of getting excluded in the event of implementation of the NRC in the state.

“I have heard that one person committed suicide in Jalpaiguri and another died while waiting in a queue for digital ration cards in Balurghat. We will pay a compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the two families because they died while worrying about the NRC,” she said.