Enclave dwellers who have come to reside in India said that they need government help for better living conditions. It has been a while since they arrived in India after the Land Boundary Agreement between Prime Minister Modi and Sheikh Hasina, was implemented but they are still living in pitiable condition.

Though they have been provided adequate shelters, they are still living in camps and groups. They are facing crises of food and proper hygiene maintenance, they complained. The enclave dwellers voiced their dissatisfaction at a discussion on enclave issues organised by a city based NGO, MASUM.

Tilak Burman , an enclave dweller, said: “We were taken care for five to seven days; after that the government stopped providing us support.”

People who came to India after the agreement left their land and livelihood in Bangladesh to be a part of the Indian Republic, but the reality that greeted them has left them bitter.

MASUM alleges that a family of eighteen was provided with only two blankets, while another family of ten was given same provisions of ration as a family of two.

Secretary of MASUM Kiriti Roy informed they have already filed a petition in the Supreme Court and emphasised that the government is flouting Article 21 of the Constitution by denying the people their right to life with dignity.

Prof. Pola Banerjee, highlighting the plight of these enclave dwellers, said: “These people had come to India with the hope of becoming a citizen here. They are claimants of citizenship not asylum seekers, they are not refugees.”

The NGO feels there could be a tacit understanding between the two governments. They also noted that the 2015 agreement is nothing but an implementation of the 1974 accord between Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.