In yet another twist to the Robinson Street skeleton case, investigators have come to know that Partho had initially kept his father in the dark about the death of his sister Debjani and had in fact hidden the corpse somewhere else inside the flat before relocating it to his bedroom.

The investigating officers, however, declined to disclose exactly how long Aurobindo De was unaware of the death of his daughter Debjani. But letters found from the flat confirm that Partho had not informed his father about his sister’s death.

It would also be possible that Partho didn’t disclose the truth, apprehending that his father could take a drastic step. Police are now searching for the locations where Partho might have kept his sister’s corpse wrapped in a bed sheet for the first few months.

It is believed that later he had brought it out and placed it on a bed believing that the dirt in the hidden place was causing discomfort to his sister. Aurobindo always used to tell his neighbours that his daughter was in good health and working hard for the release of her hymns. He had mentioned the same in some of his letters.

Aurobindo even told his brother, Mr Arun De, when the latter came to their flat to celebrate Partho’s birthday on 9 May, that Debjani was meditating in a room. Police have found letters with three different handwritings from the flat and handwriting experts confirmed that the letters were written by Aurobindo, Partho and Debjani.

The letters also made it clear that there had been some dispute between them. They suggest that Partho and Debjani were against their father on certain issues, which are yet to be ascertained. It seems that they were not on talking terms and used to communicate with each other by writing letters.

Police have also been going through the several diaries, laptops and letters found in the flat. Police came to know that there were four accounts in different banks of Aurobindo, Partho and Debjani. The total amount in the accounts is around Rs 12 lakh. Police also found that a huge amount of money, apart from rent, used to flow into the bank accounts of Aurobido De’s family, but the source of the money is yet to be determined.