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KOLKATA, 15 JUNE: The Trinamul Congress has expressed apprehension that the state election commission may take the unprecedented step of postponing the panchayat poll even after the poll process has started and scrutiny of nomination papers for the first phase of poll has been completed. Mr Mukul Roy, Trinamul Congress general secretary, today launched another broadside at the SEC, again accusing state election commissioner Mira Pande of acting in a partisan manner and in the interest of the CPI-M.
Both the CPI-M and the Congress will be ousted in the three-tier rural poll and it will have adverse effect on them in the ensuing  the Lok Sabha poll, so they are trying to jeopardise the poll process, Mr Roy said.
"This is the reason why the commission has been continuously trying to delay the poll by raising one question after another and also moving the court. We do not know what is going to happen ultimately,” said Mr Roy. 
The Trinamul Congress women cell will take out a procession against the partisan behaviour of the state election commission on Monday and also submit a memorandum to the state election commissioner, he said.
Mr Roy said the SEC’s "partisan behaviour is a dangerous threat to democracy.” Mr Roy alleged that the Opposition in collusion with the state election commission is trying to create an impression among the electorates that the panchayat poll is being held for the first time in the state and the Trinamul Congress is not willing to hold the rural poll. Mr Roy (file photo) said that more than one lakh people have filed nominations this time in the three-tier rural poll and 99 per cent nominations were filed by both the ruling party and the Opposition for the zilla parishad seats.
He said this time the state election commission in order to help the Opposition has made an arrangement in SDO offices so that the Opposition parties could field candidates for panchayat samities and gram panchayats in SDO offices.
The Congress, CPI-M and the BJP have fielded candidates for zilla parishad seats but why have they failed to field candidates for gram panchayatsa and panchayat samities? These parties lack organisational structure at the grass -root level so they find it difficult to find candidates for the 50 per cent reserved seats, especially women, stated Mr Roy.
"When we were in the Opposition, we moved from pillar to  post requesting SEC to make special arrangement, but it failed to do so,” alleged Mr Roy.