Balurghat, 5 January
The local citizens’ forum of Balurghat and Hili organised in a separate way two different programmes to honour Balurghat MLA and state cooperative minister, Mr Sankar Chakraborty who has recently been promoted as state PWD minister of Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamul Congress government.
Meanwhile, the responsibilities were imposed on him as state jail minister
and state cooperative minister respectively on the basis of good work as
well as the report card
published by the state government.
Trinamul Congress activists, traders and people of South Dinajpur district seemed pleased with the developments.
“We are happy that Mr Chakraborty has got the promotional post related to public works,” said one of the organisers of the citizens’ forum, Mr Anjan Chatterjee.
“We are happy after Mr Sankar Chakraborty, the MLA of our district, was inducted among the dignified and important state ministers in the state assembly. We hope he would take the initiative to improve the living conditions of the people of the district,” said another organiser, Mr A K Chowdhury.
“The induction has given me the opportunity to strengthen the Trinamul Congress organisation in the district. I will leave no stone unturned to serve the people,” Mr Chakraborty said.
The CPI-M district secretary, Mr Manabesh Chowdhury, however, does not see much hope of the development in the state or the district even with Chakraborty&’s inclusion in the new promotional post.
“He is a non-performer and the new responsibility, too, is unlikely to bring much change here,” Mr Chowdhury said.
Three TMC MLAs from the district ~ Mr Bachchu Hansda, Mr Satyen Roy and Ms Mahamuda Begam ~ were present while, significantly, the assembly secretariat and the district president of Trinamul Congress Mr Biplab Mitra was not present in the felicitating programme.