A man posing as an officer of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the country’s external intelligence agency, has been arrested from the NSC Bose International Airport here.

Airport officials on Saturday said the 30-something man, Aniket Das, came to the airport On Friday and showing a visiting card describing him as the joint director of RAW, met one of the general managers.

He demanded a room to hold a meeting with other intelligence officials and that had been arranged.

Four persons, including a woman, met him in that room and left afterwards, the officials said.

However, he continued to stay in the general manager’s office and sought information about customs activities in the airport claiming that he was there chasing a case.

Some of the officials in the airport started suspecting him as no information about his arrival had come from the higher authorities.

They started cross-checking and came to know that there was no officer in RAW by the name of Aniket Das.

He was arrested by the airport police late on Friday night.