Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came down heavily on communal politics and said “One who divides people on the basis of caste and religion cannot be a national leader.” 

Banerjee was addressing the celebrations of Kazi Nazrul&’s birth anniversary at Nazrul Mancha here, when she made remarks and said a national leader is the one who takes everyone with him.

Though she did not name anyone specifically in this context, but her remarks came at a time when the Modi government is celebrating its one year completion at the Centre. 

On commenting on the negativity in politics and in media Banerjee said that it was hardly helping or benefiting the state. “We are always busy in criticisms, and this is not at all good,” she said.

Underscoring the importance of the cultural and creative works, Banerjee said, “people die when their culture and literature dies.”

She said that the state government has created universities, academies, and memorials in the memory of Kazi Nazrul. “We have also built the first ever green field airport at Andal and named it after the great poet,” she said.

However, the Andal airport is a private facility built jointly by the Bengal Aerotropolis Pvt Ltd and the Changi Airport of Singapore.

Kazi Nazrul&’s daughter-in-law, Kalyani Kazi thanked Mamta&’s efforts and initiatives to honour  the rebel poet. “Mamta has done what she has promised and aspired for. I thank her on behalf of my entire family, and we are always with her.

On this occasion, Banerjee gave away the awards to a number of people for their extraordinary and continues work in the field especially for nurturing the works of the great poet Kazi Nazrul.

Miss Banerjee• handed over awards to a number of people for their contributions to culture, especially as regards nurturing the works of Kazi Nazrul.