Self criticism and lessons drawn from it were the twin themes of the district Trinamul Congress party meeting that was held today at Baidyabati to discuss arrangements for the upcoming administrative meeting of chief minister Mamata Banerjee at Gurap on 27 August.

MoS information and cultural affairs Indranil Sen said: “We all are equally responsible for the poor performance of the party in the district in the Lok Sabha election. We for our own self-interest indulged in own goals instead of putting the goal in the opponent’s net. Our lack of dedication, devotion and sacrifice for the party gave a good advantage to the BJP in the district.” Sen advised party workers to take full advantage of “Didi Ke Bolo” mass connect programme to build up a rapport with the common people, he said, Didi Ke Bolo has given the opportunity to the common people to meet the party leaders and workers and speak their heart. The common people are pointing out our shortcomings and wrong doings and giving us the good opportunity to correct ourselves and serve them in a more better manner, said Sen.

Dilip Yadav, the district Trinamul president during his speech stressed on the possible reasons which led to the bad performance of the ruling party in the district during the Lok Sabha election conducted this year.

Yadav laid importance on self-introspection and working accordingly to strengthen the district party unit. He advised party leaders to reach out to the grassroot level dedicated and devoted party solidies who have distanced themselves from the party activities after being humiliated on some occasions by the party leaders and workers. Yadav asked the party men to refrain from making irresponsible statements to media persons just to highlight themselves. Yadav added that a total resetup of the district party organisation is being worked out, dividing the responsibilities in a chain system. Right from the grassroot level to the top leadership, the functioning of the party will be system based, every party leader and worker will be bound to fall in line with the new systemic approach to keep everyone united, organised and disciplined, he said.

Prabir Ghosal MLA Uttarpara , pointed out how a faction of the party local leaders and workers was not working in coordination with the local MLAs, Ghosal said a faction of party leaders and workers are forming new committees keeping the local MLA in complete darkness.

He cautioned the faction of the party men not to indulge in such type of anti-party activities and not to pay heed to some district party leaders, who are trying to create rifts in the district party ahead of Bidhan Sabha election.

He asked the party men to trace out such leaders and workers who in the disguise of a dedicated ruling party leader and worker are trying to create factional rift within the party fold with bad intentions. It seems as though they are trying to provide political advantages to the BJP party, he said.

Dilip Yadav asked the party workers not to raise any questions during the administrative meeting of the chief minister in Gurap which may put the chief minister in an awkward position. However some of the party workers raised their voice protesting against the instruction issued by Yadav.