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NANOOR, 17 JUNE: The family members and neighbours of a patient ransacked a portion of a hospital and beat up two doctors after they pronounced a child dead who later was found alive after being taken home.
They alleged that the on duty doctor of Nanoor block hospital did not examine the child properly before declaring him dead this morning. Denying the allegations the block health authorities lodged a complaint against the patient’s relatives.
It is learnt that Mujibar Sheikh (5) was playing in front of his house this morning when an open-ended wire stuck his leg. His family members took him to Nanoor block hospital at 8 am where doctors pronounced him dead.
“The doctor on duty Pradip Dutta pronounced him brought dead. At 9 am we took him home and found him moving his legs. We took him back to the block hospital,” said Jhantu Sheikh, father of the child.
Meanwhile, the villagers of Nanoor and Shakilpur gathered at Nanoor block hospital and started agitating. They allegedly beat up two doctors, including Pradip Dutta.
“We kept the child on observation for four hours. But these people forcibly took away the child from the hospital. We’ve lodged a complaint with the Nanoor police station,” said Sabyasachi Mukherjee, BMOH, Nanoor.
“We decided to take the child home as he was declared dead,” claimed Jhantu Sheikh.
A district health official said: “The child was declared dead. But we kept him under observation. But the family members took him away within one hour.”