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KOLKATA, 15 JUNE: Cases are lying unattended and litigants seeking redress are suffering as lawyers of the City Civil Court have been absent from the court for nearly a month demanding an increase of the pecuniary jurisdiction of the court from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 5 crore.
Some of the litigants are making rounds of the court almost daily. But as days have turned into weeks and weeks into almost a month, some of the litigants feel that their decision to move the court for redress was not wise. Mr Jayanta Ray, a litigant, said he had just had a talk with his lawyer. “There seems to be little possibility of his pleading my case. The date of hearing of my case has passed,” he said, adding, “I hope the court will resume soon.”
“With the lawyers unlikely to return to the court soon, it seems I should have settled the matter out of court,” another litigant, Mr Samit Kar, said.
“I will ask my lawyer to explore ways if the dispute can be settled through arbitration,” he added.  
“Though this court functions like a district court, unlike them it has a bar on pecuniary jurisdiction,” Mr Tapan Kumar Sadhukhan, president of City Civil Court Bar Association said.
“Most of the properties in the city are worth more than Rs 10 lakh,” he said justifying the demand for raising the pecuniary jurisdiction.
“The recommendation of the Calcutta High Court in this matter has been forwarded to the state judicial and law department,” Mr Sadhukhan said. “But amendments in the City Civil Court 1953 are yet to come about,” he added.
The association is in the dark about when their demand will be met even after having written to state Assembly Speaker Mr Biman Banerjee. Mr Sadhukhan said the Speaker told them no Bill to increase the pecuniary jurisdiction of City Civil Court has been moved so far.

Some of the litigants now feel their decision to move the court for redress was not wise