Kurseong, 21 July
The present board of the Kurseong Municipality have been forwarding and implementing different government schemes and projects, which were lying neglected and pending for the past several years by its previous boards.
The present board of the Kurseong Municipality was formed in December 2011 and since then they have been busy clearing neglected problems like that of garbage, drainage, street lights, water, roads.
However, the people residing in the Kurseong municipality have hence been provided relief in many subjects but still several issues remain to be solved for the benefit of the common public.
The present board  is consistently making inroads in to the matters on a daily basis led by its Chairman, Mr Samirdip Blon.
It was learnt that in 2008, a Central Government scheme to build 565 houses for classes of people below poverty line (BPL) had been sanctioned under the scheme ~ Integrated House Slum Development Programme (IHSDP).  In this project, the BPL people were to deposit Rs 20, 500 and the municipality then would build houses for them costing Rs 1,12,500 each. Meanwhile after the completion of formalities and government procedures, a total of 284 houses were built and distributed but unfortunately the remaining 281 houses could not be constructed as the agencies which had been given the contract refused to work further due to several reasons. The Chairman, Mr Blon, said that when he took over the charge of the Kurseong Municipality, he found that the people were being deprived of different basic amenities and the IHSDP scheme was also one of them. He informed that after the completion of 284 houses in this scheme, the agency declined to build the remaining houses as it was taking them time in which the cost of building materials was also increasing.
 Under these circumstances, the agency wanted an increase in the cost of building each house which was not possible.
"Later the scheme and the funding remained stalled. When we came and formed a new board we saw that the scheme with its money was about to be refunded to the government which we thought otherwise.  Hence we hatched the idea of distributing the money to the remaining beneficiaries and accordingly we made contact with the concerned authorities to distribute the fund so that with the money each beneficiary would be able to build their own house.” he said  “We started giving the money in four installments and we are already through with the third. Each beneficiary is being given a sum of Rs 1,12,500." he added.
Mr Blon further informed that the Kurseong Town Sewerage Project, worth 12.51 crores had also been lying pending due to technical problems for the past few years.  "We started rectifying the errors and made initiatives to bring the project back in line and at present the work under the project is in progress," he said.
The present chairman, Mr Blon, to facilitate ample drinking water supply to the  public in and around Kurseong ~ which is stricken with water shortage ~ has made a visionary statement that one day he would exceed the demand.  “It is my vision that a day will come when the people will have enough water so much so that they would have to plead to stop the excess water supply,” Mr Blon said.