statesman news service 
Kolkata, 25 October
The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), for the first time, will set up a hospital on a turnkey basis in south Kolkata. 
Senior civic officials apprehend this is the first step to privatise the hospital.  
The proposed hospital is expected to cost R10 crore. The mayor in council members during their meeting on 3 October cleared the proposal.
 It will be placed before the meeting of the councillors scheduled for 29 October for final clearance. 
The old Ramrik Das Harlalka hospital situated at 104 and 102 D, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, will be pulled down to make room for the new structure.
A meeting was held to discuss the matter. Senior officials of state Health Department and KMC attended. 
The hospital building is in a shambles and because of financial constraints it has become difficult for the management to run the hospital properly.  
Civic officials, however, questioned whether KMC would be able to run the hospital properly considering its poor track record in the health sector.
Maternity homes run by the KMC are in bad conditions and no attempts have been taken by the Health Department to upgrade them.
As there is no facility for caesarian operation, patients are going to state-run hospitals.  
The officials felt in the name of constructing the hospital on a turnkey basis, the KMC will actually hand over the prime property to a private player.