statesman news service
Kolkata, 4 October
Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has come up with an unique idea of installing electronic gadgets in all its 45 markets in the city to monitor the movements of private security guards.
Senior officials of the concerned department said that the step has been taken to iron out  security lapses in these markets. Several electronic devices will be installed at different points in a way that they cover the entire market.
The devices will record the movements of the security guards.
Every security personnel will have an individual identity-card, to enter into the market and these cards will help the devices record the movements inside the market. The devices will also show how many times a security personnel has visited the point where this particular device has been installed.
KMC officials will have a detailed records of the security personnel especially in the night and this will enhance the security issue in these places.              
A devastating fire that broke out at Surya Sen Market in February, killing several  people, pointed out the security lapses in the markets.
After frequent  outbreak of  incidents of fire in the city, Chief Minister Miss Mamata Banerjee had asked the KMC to enhance surveillance and to prepare a database on the overall condition of markets.   
Following the incident, KMC has taken several steps to enhance the overall infrastructure of its markets.  It recently assigned a private company to shoot a video of  the infrastructure of  around 358 markets in the city including 45 KMC markets to assess their overall condition.  KMC will not spare 312 odd private markets, sources said.  
Mr Tarak Singh, Member and Mayor-in-coucil (Market), said: “We will install the electronic devices in all KMC markets to discipline security personnel. This will enable us to prevent any major fire incident in the markets.”