The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) mayor, Firhad Hakim, today inaugurated a modernised biometric system at two of the civic body’s ward offices to monitor attendance of the KMC conservancy workers in the solid waste management (SWM) department.

Speaking on the occasion, the mayor said: “Workers just need to stand in front of the biometric machine while entering and leaving ward offices and the attendance will get registered automatically along with their pictures. For now, we have installed it in two of our ward offices, 82 and 96, but eventually this will be installed in all the ward offices and in the KMC headquarters. The machines will be monitored by KMC personnel who register attendance of the workers at ward offices.”

It was learnt that the initiative has been taken after it was observed that several of the SWM workers were reporting late for work and even remaining absent without prior notice.