Anku Goyal
[email protected]
Kolkata, 11 November
Inmates of Dum Dum correctional home performed during the inaugural ceremony of the Salt lake chapter of the 19th Kolkata Intenational Film festival today at the Eastern Zonal Cultural Complex. Over 14 inmates of Dum Dum correctional home had been trained by cultural coordinating teacher of Salt Lake Apeejay School.
Raibesse, a marshal art form of Bengal, was the theme of their dance performance. Mr Chirantan Bhaduri, the trainer, said: "This was the first time the inmates of the correctional home got such an opportunity to connect to the mainstream society.
They are languishing in the jail to repent for their evil deeds, but giving them a medium to let out their emotions as well as discipline their minds was my goal when I initiated this project last year.”
The special dance training classes are conducted at Dum Dum Central  correctional home twice a week, said sources at the correctional home.
Bapa das, a participating inmate, said: “Through this performance we can see the outside world which we are no more in touch with. The dance lessons have also made stronger the bonds between inmates which makes survival easier.”
Bidhannagar Municipality chairperson, Mrs Krishna Chakrobarty, appreciated this special gesture. She even plans to invite the inmates again next year. She said a positive record of prisoners’ involvement in cultural activities will reduce their sentence term.