Kolkata, 21 July
The Higher Secondary Council has restricted page limits for all books to be published by private publishers from now on, finding that the books are becoming bulkier in the absence of a clear restriction. 
The new guideline says that books on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biological Sciences can consist of 550 pages maximum. Since, an all India curricula (core curricula) has been introduced from this year, HS Council did not specify page limit for the Science books. As a result, some books of Biological sciences contain 1100 pages and some ended up at 700.   “The core curricula which is followed by all national boards is vast and there are many differences among the books. Hence, it is a bit confusing for us to recommend a particular book to our students. Students are getting frightened by the volume of the books which are meant only for Class XI,” said a Biology teacher.  Same happened for the Commerce books too owing to the introduction of common curricula. So, for Class XII, the page limit for Accountancy books is set on 450 and for Economics and Business studies the limit is till 400. 
For other subjects primarily falling in Humanities group, HS Council specified page limit this year but finally it was grossly violated by the publishers.   
“The limit was unrealistic. If a History book of Class XI, based on the new syllabus has to be wrapped up within 275 pages, Council will complain of improper treatment,” said a publisher.
For Class XI, this year, History books were supposed to be of 275 pages, for Geography the page limit was 210 and for Education, the limit was 275.  As the publishers complained, HS Council extended the limit and fixed it to 325 for all books of Humanities group. 
Class XII books to be introduced next year and new Class XI books will have to follow this page limit.