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SINGUR (Hooghly), 21 JUNE: The villagers of Singur are protesting against the installation of high voltage tension wire over their farmlands and homes.
The state electricity board workers today stopped work in the morning when residents of Gopal Nagar, Ratunpur of Singur, most of them farmers, staged a protest against the installation of high voltage tension wires.
The villagers under the banner of Singur Gram Surakha Committee had rallied in protest of installation of high voltage wires in the month of March this year.
Amita Bag, the joint secretary of the committee, said they had submitted a memorandum to the DM, SDO, BDO and local MLA. A meeting was also held with officials of the state electricity board at the BDO’s office which was inconclusive.
The DM&’s office, however, had asked the state electricity board to suspend the installation work until an amicable decision was reached. However, the state electricity board had resumed work after a brief halt.
Representative of Singur Gram Surakha Committee complained that high voltage tension wires over their farms and homes would affect their general health.
According to WHO, high voltage tension wires have adverse effect over a radius of 700 ft causing cancer and leukaemia among newborn residing within that effected areas.