Justice Girish Chandra Gupta of Calcutta High Court on Friday directed the office bearers of the Bar Association to give a list of the lawyers who were not allowing police officers to enter his court room. Presiding over a Division Bench on the eighth day of the boycott of his court, Justice Gupta directed the association to submit the names before the Division Bench comprising him and Justice Shib Sadhan Sadhu on 3 August when the Bar Association members are to state in the presence of the advocate-general why they are preventing litigants and police officers from coming to this court following an order passed on Thursday.

The association was also directed to produce all the documents and connected papers by which the proposal for the boycott of this court was mooted. Both Bar Library Club and Incorporated Law Society were also directed to furnish the documents by which the resolution of boycott was supported.These documents are required to answer the questions raised by Thursday’s order of the Division Bench, it was pointed out.

The office bearers of the different associations will carry out the order in the interest of justice realising the urgency of the matter,it was observed.The assistant registrar was directed to serve plain copies of the order.The fallout of the boycott was felt in the proceedings of the court as three litigants submitted their cases in person.

The first litigant to do so was Dr Kunal Saha who submitted that his case is being delayed because of the ongoing boycott of this court. "One side is adamant and after having given them a week’s time, we have taken up the matter.We cannot take harsh action as we are indulgent and tolerant occupying the position of patriarchs. But this attitude should not be misconstrued as weakness of the court", Justice Gupta observed.

Dr Saha has prayed for imposition of costs as his matter could not be taken up,but it would not be proper on our part to impose costs as we should give a proper opportunity to the learned lawyers." it was further observed. "Things cannot happen overnight." the court pointed out. "We are aware of a Special Bench judgment in this matter and there are judgments of this court and one of them is centuries old." it was further pointed out.