statesman news service
Diamond Harbour, 25 October
Mrs Mira Halder  took oath as the Chairperson of Diamond Harbour Municipality today. Fifteen other councillors also took the oath today in the presence of Acting Sub-divisional officer. The new civic board, however, couldn’t declare the name of its Vice-Chairperson. The newly elected 16 councillors of Diamond Harbour municipality today took oath in the presence of the acting SDO, Ms Moumita Saha.
The new Chairperson, Mrs Mira Halder, was handed over the charge by the SDO who took over the charge as administrator.
Despite the presence of all councillors, the Chairperson, Mrs Halder mysteriously didn’t declare the name of Vice-Chairman and this was due to the inner feud of the TMC, party sources said. 
However, Mr Pannalal Halder, was selected as a Vice-Chairman, at the district party meeting.
Mr Shakti Mondal, Vice-Chairman of the district TMC, said while the party once declare the name of Mr Halder as a Vice-Chairman, there was no option to select anyone else for the post. Mr Pannalal Halder will be the Vice-Chairman and the name would be declared  within few days by the Chairperson. Mr Dipak Halder, the MLA of Diamond Harbour, led a rally with two to three councillors and their supporters in the presence of Mr C M Jatua, the  district party chairman, after the oath-taking ceremony where Mr Pannalal Halder and most of the TMC councillors were not present.