I T anxieties & Vodafone woes

I am a senior citizen, aged about 70 years. I have serious heart ailments. On 13.6.2013, I went to the local branch of Bank of Baroda, near my residence at Baishnabghata Patuli Township, Kolkata – 700094 to deposit income tax for the year 2012-2013.
Though this branch of BOB is authorised by the competent authority to accept the income tax deposit, they refused to accept the same from me on the plea that I do not have an account with them while accepting from their own account holders. As a result I had to travel far from my residence in infirm condition to deposit the tax.
I feel that this behavior of the Bank is not correct and once they are authorised, it is mandatory for them to accept  income tax payments from all without discriminating between the account holders and non-account holders, more so being a PSU bank. Through your esteemed newspaper, I would like to bring the issue to the knowledge of the Income Tax authorities/Reserve Bank of India/any other agency concerned, so that an ordinary citizen is not subjected to such a harassment.
C.L. DATTA, H12, Baishnabghata Patuli Township, Kolkata – 700094.
Connection confusions
My wife Radharani Maity aged 70 years, a housewife residing with me in village + P.S. – Raine, P.S. – Kolaghat, Purba Medinipur applied on 22.4.2013 with requsit documents for a mobile telephone connection in her name from Vodafone South Limited, Kolkata with SIM card No. 7407228575. As it was not activated till 27.4.2013, again she applied on 28.4.2013 with SIM card No. 7407227815. But neither of the SIM cards has been activated till now (30.6.2013).
I saw the concerning agent, distributor, officer-activation and Area officer who told me that there are already eight numbers of telephone connection in the name of Radharani Maity and therefore, no further connection can be given as per rule.
They refused to give the numbers of such telephones and to lock the service of these telephones, inspite of my repeated request. It is a serious concern to us.
We fear that some miscreants/anti-socials managed to get connection of these unlawful telephones and misusing these with bad intention which may create even "law and order" problem of the country. With such apprehension, I made an appeal to the OC, Kolaghat Bit House (Police station) to lodge a FIR in the matter which was refused. I appeal through your newspaper to all the concerning civil and police administration to do the needful in the matter and to guard against misuse of the said telephones.
Incidentally it is stated that my wife neither applied nor having any telephone connection before 22.4.2013 all over India. At present she is having one telephone connection from Aircel on and from 29.5.2013.
SANTOSH KUMAR MAITY, Village + P.O. – Raine, P.S. – Kolaghat, Dist.- Purba Medinipur.