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Govt to rejuvenate Gangeshwari

Govt plans to rejuvenate Gangeshwari river


The state government has decided to rejuvenate the river bed of Gangeshwari river in Bankura under MNREGA and has appointed Kalyan Rudra to inspect the river bed for the purpose.

The 20-22 kilometre Gangeshwari river has been lying dry for the last few years.This river flows through four blocks of Bankura.

Senior officials of the state government said that under MNREGA, they have decide to initiate the process of afforestation in and around Gangeshwari river so as to recharge the water body. A team of officials from state panchayat and rural development department inspected the area and found that the level of water has decreased considerably and there is a need for setting up check dams for rejuvenation in and around the river. Around Rs. 100 crore will be spent for rejuvenating the water body and the fund has already been disbursed by the Centre.

A senior official of the state panchayat and rural development department said that the Centre has disbursed around Rs. 3,500 crore for implementing projects under MNREGA this year.

Significantly, Nadia has taken up projects for strengthening river embankments by planting grasses and after the process of setting up check dams is completed in Gangeshwari river, plans are there to plant grass in and around the river banks.

It may be mentioned that the project of rejuvenating the river bed by afforestation and setting up check dams under MNREGA have already been successfully completed at Latur in Maharashtra.

Gangeshwari river is a tributary of Dwarekswar river and in Bankura flows south-west of Susunia Hills and north of Bankura. It joins the Dwarakeswar near Bhutsahar.It is,however,subject to sudden flooding during rains.