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Dankuni 25 October
Goons hurled bombs at an instant eatable dry food manufacturing unit to press an extortion demand.
On Wednesday, evening goons said to be working for Mr Ramesh Mahato, a dreaded criminal of Hooghly District and an under-trial, hurled bombs at JP Food Products Pvt Ltd at Chakundhi in Dankuni, in connection with a standing extortion demand of 2 crore, to which the factory management had repeatedly turned down.
JP Food Products became functional in the year 2005, on six bighas of land with an investment of 30 crore  and still running strong with a man power of 300 hundred workers.
In the month of August in the current year, the factory management procured 18 bighas of land for a proposed biscuit factory with an investment of 50 crore at Simla in Serampore, due to become functional in the year 2014, creating job opportunities for at least 600 people.
Mr Ramesh Mahato allegedly directed his goons to threaten the factory management and the workers with live arms, ammunition and bombs to force them to comply with the demand of 2 crore. However the factory management who had lodged a complaint with the Dankuni and Serampore police station went ahead with their proposed project work with police protection.
On Wednesday evening the goons hurled bombs at the working unit at Chakundhi, temporarily bringing the production to a halt.
The factory manager Mr D Das said: “It is a matter of great concern that the anti socials and the extortionists are having the upper hand. In such an atmosphere, we are forced to ponder on an alternative, if things do not improve for the better we may have to shift to an alternative site at Jharkhand. Mr Tapan Das Gupta, the TMC district president said that any kind of anti-social activity hindering the development of industries in the district and state will be dealt firmly. “We are for the industry and employment opportunities,” he said.