A day after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the name of Harka Bahadur Chhetri as the party’s candidate from the Kalimpong assembly constituency, the GJM on Saturday said this showed Chhetri was hobnobbing with a party opposed to Gorkhaland demand of the hill people.

“This proves that Chhetri, who has refused to take a stand on the statehood demand, is siding with a party that is opposed to the Gorkhaland demand, GJM Assistant Secretary Binay Tamang told a press conference after the announcement was telecast in news channels.

Tamang further described Chhetri’s JAP as the B team of the TMC. In another twist to the developments after the announcement, senior JAP leader Amar Lama wondered, “How can a political party announce the name of the President of another party (Chhetri) as its candidate?