Daughters-in-law to face off
Pinak Pani Chowdhury
[email protected]
Balurghat, 21 July
Two daughters-in-law of the same family will contest, one on a CPI-M and the other on a Trinamul Congress ticket in the gram panchayat elections this year from Ranadanga village in the Kushmandi police station area of South Dinajpur district. They will contest from the seat in the Maligaon gram panchayat of Dikul Sansad. Both of them are confident of winning.
It was reported that Mrs Suchitra Sarkar, the elder daughter-in-law of Mr Nabadwip Sarkar, the former CPI-M elected member of the same gram panchayat will contest on a CPI-M ticket. Mrs Sulekha Sarkar, the younger daughter-in-law will contest on a TMC ticket against Suchitra. The Sarkar family consists of 34 members, who are confused whom to vote for.
“Our lives will not be affected as a result of it. After my marriage, I have found out that our family members favour the CPI-M. It is because of this reason that I wanted to be a candidate this year. I am confident of winning because the CPI-M has ushered in development in the region from where I will contest,” she said.
On the other hand, Mrs Sulekha Sarkar said that she filed her nomination from the TMC because Miss Mamata Banerjee is her political idol. Though a section of their family members are CPI-M supporters, they did not prevent her from being the candidate of TMC. “I owe it to my family members. We started our election campaign in our locality. Our personal relations are not affected because of our different political stands. I am confident of winning because people still want a change from the panchayat elections this year,” she said.
The former CPI-M elected member of the mentioned gram panchayat and the father-in-law of the contestants, Mr Nabadwip Sarkar, is now confused whom to vote for. “Both daughters-in-law are dear to me. So I am confused for whom to cast my vote. All family members are in the same dilemma,” he said.