statesman news service
KOLKATA, 20 JUNE: Having failed to reply to the queries of the state government within the stipulated time, Professor Achintya Biswas, Vice-Chancellor (V-C) of Gour Banga University (GBU), might face serious consequences as the university is in a total deadlock.
A month ago, the higher education department sought a report from the V-C regarding the complaints of the university council members. But even after one month, the V-C has failed to come up with any reply, as he is on leave owing to health problems.
The V-C had crossed swords with the university council members and written to the Chancellor against the non co-operation from the members, who were nominated by the state government. On the other hand, the members complained to the department that the V-C had unleashed total "anarchy and lawlessness" in the university and has not called a council meeting in a year.
In view of this conflict, the higher education department had sought an explanation from the V-C but did not get any.
The V-C has not been attending the university for the past two months owing to health problems. This has resulted in a deadlock as the university does not have any other official, besides the V-C and the registrar.
For the time being, Prof Bikash Roy, a teacher of the Bengali department has been asked by the secretary to the Chancellor to "look after the office of the V-C".
This recent letter from the Chancellor&’s secretary has created more confusion. "It is not clear whether the person will become the acting V-C, whether he will be able to take administrative and financial decisions. Looking after the office of the V-C can imply many things," said a member of the university council.
"He ignored the university council while taking important administrative decisions and now he has ignored the higher education department too," added the university council.
Prof Achintya Biswas, though, has a similar track record, when he was the head of the Bengali department of Jadavpur University. After he became the V-C of GBU, he initially declined to hand over charge to the new head of the Bengali department. "A fact-finding committee was formed to look into the issue which finally forced him to leave the charges," said a source of JU.