KOLKATA, 27 JUNE: In yet another instance of negligence in health care services, blood component separation equipment in two medical colleges and hospital of the state have been lying defunct since they were provided in April last year by NACO under phase III of the National Aids Control Programme. 
The equipment installed to separate blood components is gathering dust at Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital (CNMCH) and Midnapore Medical College and Hospital.  
“It’s more than a year since the machine was sent to us, and still five of the 14 gadgets are yet to be installed to make the unit functional,” said a blood bank official at the National Medical College in the city who didn’t wished to be named. 
He said the machine once operational can churn out 24 bags (350 ml each) of blood components every two hours and can play a major role in preventing wastage of blood. 
“But we’re forced to refer people to other blood banks for components and most of the time they are fleeced by private sellers,” he added.    
He, however, failed to specify the reason for non-supply of the missing gadgets. The condition at Midnapore Medical College is worse as patients are being forced to run from pillar to post in search of specific components they need.
“We are often compelled to provide whole blood instead of components as during exigency the priority is to save life. It, however, causes wastage of blood,” said an official. 
"We have already floated tenders for the missing equipment and the machines would start functioning soon," said a senior official of the Health Department. sns