Street dweller had been LURED WITH FOOD and raped in August
statesman news service 
Kolkata, 16 October 
A driver who is a resident of Wattgunj has surrendered to the police after an FIR was lodged against him for raping a mentally-ill destitute. 
The victim who lived on the street and is taken care of by an NGO ~Iswar Sankalpa ~ alleges that on 24 August, the accused, supposedly known to the victim, lured him with food and took him to his place and raped him.  
On 26 August when the victim’s care-giver from Iswar Sankalpa visited him, he complained of pain, defecation problems and uneasiness in his back and said that he has been sexually abused. The caregiver immediately took him to the psychiatrist of the NGO, who after hearing his complaints referred him to an emergency ward of a hospital. 
The victim was then taken to the emergency of M.R. Bangur Hospital on the very same day.
The superintendent of the hospital asked him to go to a police outpost first. At the police outpost, the victim narrated the whole incident and he was admitted back to the hospital.  
The police succeeded in tracing the vehicle of the accused and seized it. On 16 October, the accused finally surrendered to police and he has been charged under section 367 and 377 of the Indian Penal Code.
The NGO has requested police to provide the victim a safe custody as his case is under trial.