kanchan siddiqui
DURGAPUR, 12 JUNE: The virus causing Fulminant Myocarditis has been identified as the key factor behind the epidemic so long termed as ‘unidentified fever.’
A district like Burdwan recorded on an average 350 casualties in a year since 2008 and most of the victims were minors. Dr Dipayan Haldar, Deputy CMOH-II, Burdwan said: “Changing food habit with partaking of junk food are responsible for such fatal ailments, especially from African countries. In 2008 such fever had caused epidemic claiming several lives in Purulia. In Burdwan, too, in the last couple of years nearly 350 persons succumbed to the fever annually. We collected serum and spinal fluids and the laboratory analysis suggested a virus had gripped the cerebral and cardiac system of the patients.” Dr VKG Rajasekar Pal Pandian, director, Interventional Cardiology with the Vivekananda Hospital, after examining a 32-year-old patient taken to the health care unit from Deoghar, Jharkhand with high fever, chest pain, dehydration and nausea diagnosed that it was a case of Viral Fulminant Myocarditis. He said: “Fulminant Myocarditis associated with influenza virus is extremely rare and is very difficult to detect.”
The patient, Suyog Chowdhury (in sns photo), a labourer, was taken to the ICU of the hospital on 29 May. Critical Care physician with the hospital, Dr Bhupen Burman, said: “He initially was found to be critically ill due to pneumonia and was given medicine accordingly but he collapsed within six hours.” The ECG, Echo Cardiogram and blood tests suggested it was a case of massive heart attack but the angiogram showed no blockage. “It was a case of sudden heart failure due to direct damage to the heart vessel which is called Fulminant Myocarditis caused due to viral infection.” In view of the labourer&’s financial condition the physicians introduced cheaper medicines. Dr Sujit Dutta, MD of the hospital, said: “The cost of the medicine  was just Rs 350 and we were surprised and amazed at his speedy recovery. The diagnosis will help patients suffering from unidentified fever.”