Statesman news service 
Kolkata/Barrackpore, 3 September
Volunteers of Self Regulatory Board (SRB) of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC) rescued a minor in Domjur, Howrah from the clutches of her neighbour who had taken her to a red light district and tried to force her into prostitution. 
Monica (name changed) is a 13-year-old girl living in the Tanti para area of Domjur, Howrah along with her parents and younger siblings. 
On 1 September she went to a local market to fetch some groceries from a local market at Jagdishpur, Domjur. On her way back she was approached by her neighbour named Suraj Yadav who offered her a lift back home. 
The unsuspecting girl went with him. But he, instead of taking her to her house, took her to a red-light district of the area where he tried to persuade her to enter a room with him. 
She realised the intention of Suraj and refused to enter the room. Then he grabbed her by her hair and tried to drag her in. Monica, then, started shouting which resulted in several people, including the volunteers of SRB flocking to the scene. 
Volunteers of SRB rescued the girl but the culprit managed to flee. The girl was taken to her parents who were completely unaware of the situation. 
In the meantime, a woman named Tripti Nath who claimed  to be the mother of the child started enquiring about her with the SRB volunteers.
However, Ms Nath, it turned out, did not know Monica&’s surname, when the volunteers asked her to prove her claim.
The child, after a brief session of counseling, was then brought to DMSC’s office in Kolkata along with Ms Nath. 
Sources at DMSC informed that the woman, in fact, is in a relationship with the accused, Suraj, who had allegedly sent her to fetch the child after he failed in his attempts to molest and drag the girl into a prostitution ring. 
The Officer-in-Charge of Domjur police station, allegedly procrastinated in handling the matter.  
The girl and Ms Nath have been finally handed over to police authorities of Domjur Police Station.
Minor raped: A student of Class VIII student was allegedly raped by her neighbour yesterday in Shyamnagar.
The accused, Samir Das, was arrested by Jagaddal police.
Jagaddal police said that
the incident took place in the Rajbari area yesterday at around 9 p.m.
The victim said that the youth dragged her to his house and allegedly raped her.
The family members of the victim said that Samir Das, the accused, came to their house yesterday when their daughter was alone at home. He allegedly abducted her and took her to his home where he raped her.