Officials from Bangladesh, along with South Dinajpur district officials, today paid a visit to a government home for children in Balurghat where Bangladeshi children have been put up for illegally entering Indian Territory. The officials also interacted with the children in the homes.

“There are 19 Bangladeshi children in the Balurghat Subhayan home at present. Of them, three children will be sent back on 24 October,” official sources in the district said. Md BM Jamal Hossein, Minister (Political) & Head of Chancery, accompanied by his wife; and Choudhury Ataus Salam, the Consular Assistant from Bangladesh, were among the visiting team, while District Magistrate Nikhil Nirmal was among the Indian officials to visit the homes, it is learnt.

“Bangladeshi children are often detained by security forces along the border for illegal entry to India. As per the law, children below 18 years of age cannot be detained in correctional homes,” sources said. There is one governmentsponsored home in Balurghat for children, while a few months ago, the DM, Mr Nirmal, had paid a visit to Subhayan and talked with the inmates there.

He had then assured them that he would expedite the process of their repatriation to Bangladesh. “We talked with the children in the home and we are satisfied with the arrangements for them there. The process of repatriation will be expedited in the future. There are some problems with the addresses given by the Bangladeshi children in the home, but this problem will also be solved,” said Md Hossein, the minister (Political) and Head of Chancery, Office of the Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Kolkata.