The BJP state president and MP Mr Dilip Ghosh, speaking in Serampore, lashed out at chief minister Mamata Banerjee and said she will to return the money that he claimed she had taken in the Narada sting operation and from the Saradha group.

Mr. Ghosh said, “the CBI is interrogating the Trinamul Congress leaders for their suspected involvement in the Saradha and Narada scams. They should come out with the truth, they have the chance to prove their innocence. Satabdi Roy, Mithun Chakraborty have returned the money. Tapash Pal intends to return the received amount. Many more are ready to return the amount received from Saradha and Narada.

It will be not surprising if even the state chief minister come forward one day to refund the amount linked with Saradha and Naradha scams. It is an open secret that the ruling party’s leaders have illegally received money from Saradha and Narada.” He also lambasted the state government over lawlessness and the alleged wrong policies of the government. The BJP state president today attended a party meeting at the Serampore BJP party office.

At a Press meet, he lashed out at the prevailing lawlessness and the wrong policies of the state government. Mr Ghosh said, the election commission of India after much thought had introduced and implemented the EVM and VVPAT to conduct fair and free elections in the nation but chief minister Mamata Banerjee has raised the demand for a return to the ballot system to conduct election. When the entire nation moves ahead in science and technology, the state chief minister demands ballot system, as it would be easy for her party workers to jam and rig the booths, and cast fake votes, he said.

The TMC party workers are used to creating trouble, violence and booth capturing, but such kind of lawlessness and violence will not be allowed, hence there is no return to the ballot vote system, election and voting will be conducted through EVM, VVPAT system as usual. Ghosh added, that the people of Kashmir are very happy over scrapping Article 370 but strangely enough the Congress, the TMC and CPI-M are having problems with it.

The Serampore civic head Mr Amiya Mukherjee today in a Press meet at Serampore strongly opposed the allegations brought by Mr. Dilip Ghosh against the ruling party’s district leaders. Mr Ghosh in a press meet today in Serampore said that the ruling party’s leaders in the name of mass contact programme, instead of meeting people in distress and in need, are spending the night in the party workers houses enjoying luxuries.

“The ruling party leaders are afraid to meet the common people since they may be asked to return cut money they had taken,” Mr Ghosh said. Mr Amiya Mukherjee in very strong words opposed Mr. Ghosh’s assertions. Mr Mukherjee said, “Mr Ghosh should not make irresponsible statements and bring false allegations against ruling party leaders. Let the BJP leaders and workers come and see with their own eyes that our party leaders and workers are warmly greeted, the common people express their intense satisfaction over the Didi Ke Bolo mass contact program initiated by the chief minister.”