Siliguri, 5 December: The Siliguri Special Correctional Home authority conducted a search inside the correctional home as two inmates were reportedly holding pistols. However, the correctional home authority said it was a routine search.
According to the sources, the home authority came to know that two inmates were possessing pistols inside the home.
The anti-sabotage team, Special Branch (SB) officials, the correctional
home officials conducted a prolong search with the instruments like metal detectors, deep search.
According to the sources, nothing was found.
The deputy inspector general (north) prison, Mr Biplab Dasgupta, said it was a routine search.
“It is a routine search. There is no information that the inmates managed to get the firearms. We conduct such searches in different correctional homes. It is not true that based on some inputs we searched the home. We did not have the equipment like deep search, so we approached police to conduct the search jointly with that equipment,” Mr Dasgupta said.     sns