statesman news service
KOLKATA, 17 JUNE: Police arrested armed robbers who were trying to make their getaway on a motorbike after snatching valuables and injuring two youths following a desperate highway chase at Pragati Maidan late last night.
  Police said that four armed robbers on a motorbike stopped two youths on their bicycles near Choubhaga on Basanti Highway.
The duo, Hari Shankar Shaw and Rahul Shaw, were heading toward their flats in Nonadanga. The accused, armed with a pistol and a dagger, threatened them and asked them to hand over their valuables at gunpoint.
They had handed over their mobile phones and Rs 800 in cash.
When the accused were about to make their getaway on the motorbike, Hari caught one of the criminals who was riding  pillion and had a pistol.
Both of them fell to the ground. In a bid to free their associate one of the accused stabbed Hari on his back and right leg when he was trying to salvage his valuables.
They beat up Rahul and fled towards Bantala on the motorbike.  Within a few seconds a patrol team, led by Mr Saroj Ghosh, officer-in-charge of Pragati Maidan police station, reached the spot.
Police took Rahul in their car and began a chase for the four youths who were trying to flee at a breakneck speed on the Basanti Highway.  Mr Ghosh tipped off another patrolling team who approached from the opposite direction and the accused’s motorbike collided head on with the police’s patrolling van. They fell from the bike and Md Aziz (19), one of the accused, tried to open fire at the policemen.He was caught immediately, said a senior police officer. Another accused, Md Zamir (18), was also arrested but two others managed to flee. Police seized the motorbike, the firearm and recovered Rs 800 in cash from them.
Police raided Tiljala areas at 3.30 a.m. today and arrested Amin Ali Gazi (19) and Abdul Sajjad (19). Police said that the area remains deserted after 9 p.m. and this the reason for frequent patrolling. The measure was taken to avoid any untoward incident on the stretch of the Highway  that comes under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Police.